Best Way to Fix Door Hinges for Sagging Door

If your door hinges are pulling out from the wall causing your door to sag, you’ll find that this is normally the result of stripped screw holes. Adam and I had this issue with the bathroom door of the house we’re fixing up. It was sagging and didn’t close quite right.

The issue is really with the screws and screw holes for the hinges. The weight of the door or a bad installation can cause them to pull out of the wall, leaving behind holes that are now too wide to hold a screw. You can use decking screws that are extra long to drill further into the wood, but these will eventually pull out as well. The best way to repair the door is to properly fill in the holes and then re-drill them.

Most DIYs on the web suggest using something like golf tees or wooden matches with wood glue to fill the holes and fix the hinges. DON’T DO IT! Adam and I have worked with professional contractors who say this is the least effective way to fix the stripped holes. The problem will just reappear in a year or two as the small pieces of wood work their way free from the constant weight of the door and you’ll have the same issue you just repairs.

The best way to fill these holes is to use the largest piece of wood possible. Adam and I used dowel rods (easy to find at any hardware store). Adam drilled a hole to match the width of the dowel rod, cleaned out the holes so the rod fit snuggly, then cut the dowel rod to the right length and glued it in.

This is the way professional contractors do it and it is so easy. Using the quick tips with matches, golf tees, etc. to fix the stripped screw holes is just not worth it.

Adam and I put together a video (complete with a guest doggie appearance!) for you to walk you through this super simple process to get professional and lasting results.

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